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How far along were you when you went into labor?  How far along were you when your little one was actually born?  Were you induced?

growingourlittlefamily replied to your post: Have any of you eve tried swagbucks?

I did it when I was in college… I averaged about 20bucks a month to amazon. I wasn’t on there all the time though!

That’s neat!  I just signed up for it, and I haven’t got anything yet.  I’m saving up for a Keurig Coffee Maker for my mom, so it’ll take some time before I get enough!  :P 

A search engine reward site that allows you to “earn” Swagbucks for completing your normal everyday on-line searching, which can be collected and redeemed for gift-cards to some of your favorite places, like Amazon.

It’s a good way to earn prizes, the only thing you contribute is your time!  If you want me to refer, drop me you e-mail.  Doing that earns you (and me!) extra points!


I remember my mom telling me not too long ago that I couldn’t breastfeed as an infant. As in, I would eat for about a minute then become so tired I’d just have to stop.

We found out (about 8 years later) that I was tongue-tied. Being tongue-tied made it almost impossible for me to eat because I…


By Laura Grace Weldon

It’s easier to cook when our children aren’t in the way. Bubbling pots and sharp knives, after all, are hardly child-friendly. But the kitchen shouldn’t be off-limits to kids.

Yes, dinner takes longer to make when Mason snips the cilantro to shreds and Sophie reads the recipe out loud. And you’ve got places to go — probably places to take your darling children, like T-ball practice or that great science program at the museum.

Cooking can be educational.

But how much, really, do our beloved children benefit from a steady schedule of, well, scheduled activities? We tend to forget that ordinary activities  such as cooking together, can be flexible, hands-on, purposeful experiences too.

As they snip, read, and converse with us, our kids are learning physical, mental, and social skills. Here’s how cooking can be educational for them…  [more]

So I’ll just say thank you to everyone for responding and sharing your stories!  I love to hear them!

Did you know you were pregnant when the symptoms started, or did they feel like normal, every-day feelings?

I remember I puked every time I got hungry throughout the first trimester!  I sort of thought I was pregnant, but I still didn’t get an appointment in until I was 20 weeks along!

Anonymous said: What is your take on allowing you baby to sleep in the same bed as you? My MIL freaked out when I said I had my baby sleep next to me in bed one night.

Personally, I love cosleeping.  And I know there’s a lot of moms out there that like it and recommend it!  I think there’s even studies where it reduces the chances of SIDS.

Your MIL might be worried about it because there are those horror stories out there about awful things happening to the child while sleeping with mom.  And I honestly think it’s a good thing to learn about and read up on because things can happen, but it’s all about being SAFE about it.  There are correct ways to cosleep, and as long as your following those guidelines, you both should be fine!

If you are a breastfeeding mommy, I hear it’s a lot easier when it comes to feeding time, too.  I don’t breastfeed, but I know it’s a lot more convenient for us formula mommies too!

But again, it all comes down to being safe about it!

That’s my take on it, anyway!  :)

rewritingnormal said: In response to that anon: The rice cereal in the bottle to make them sleep longer is a myth. If anything, it just gives them gas and a tummy ache and disturbs their sleep. It does not have any effect on how long they sleep.

There you go anon! :)

Anonymous said: My son is almost 4 months old and my mom keeps telling me I need to start putting the rice cereal in his milk before bedtime so he'll sleep longer at night. Should I?

Ultimately, the decision is yours.  Not your moms and not mine.

But I will tell you that, personally, I believe that rice cereal is not necessary at all.  I don’t give it to my daughter for a number of reasons.  There’s this image floating around tumblr that I’ll post for you to read, okay?  And then you make your own decision.


Also, remember to do your research on anything and everything for your child.  Google can be a very powerful place if used correctly. Make sure your decisions are what’s best for you and your child, not what’s best for the “average” child.  And always make an educated decision.  Never do something just because someone tells you to.  That’s the best advice I can give anyone.

Good luck!

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